[TUTORIAL/ENGLISH] How to Register and Post Message at UFOTOWN

1. Go to UFO TOWN 

2. Check all the small box and click the red button for continue register

3. Fill your information

4. Click the red button to enter your e-mail address

after that windows box will appear, enter your e-mail address

if succsess the windows box will appear like this,

After that, check your e-mail inbox or spam, open the message

Click the red button

5. After click the red button you will directed to this page 

Nickname; hangul or alphabet, min 3 characters (don’t forget to check your nickname is available or not. the orange text means that your nickname is available)
password; 6-15 character.
favorite star: you can choose Red Velvet or other star
Area: choose 해외 (oversea), at the bottom

after that click the red button

6. Completed

Click the red button for login


Login Here

Go to Red Velvet’s Ufotown page Here

scrol down until you see the message like this

if there’s any question please leave it on my ask.fm

thanks to exofid
edited by itsyouairene

11 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL/ENGLISH] How to Register and Post Message at UFOTOWN

  1. Nadja says:

    Hi i just made an acc on the app and i sent 3 messages and after that it wont let me send messages anymore please help me on how to fix it


  2. Brooke says:

    Will you please tell me how to deactivate my account? My friend sent some idols really embarrassing messages on my phone and I can’t read hangul so I don’t know how to deactivate. Thank you if you help 🙂


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